Experimental Flash Photography – Noob me.

Was experimenting with the SB600 in auto mode. Noticed something interesting.

Subject far, bright.
Subject near, dim.

Why? Time to google.



The next 2 shots again, brightness difference.
Closer look at the photo, it appears that the 1st picture I was nearer judging from the background.



The last shot is very dark, speedlight fired when Isaac suddenly charge towards me at close distance.



~ by ymsim on 2009/01/23.

2 Responses to “Experimental Flash Photography – Noob me.”

  1. did your flash fire? how about the angle of your speedlight – it directly affects where it illuminates. normally, the result should be the reverse of what you have, the nearer, the brighter, and the further, the dimmer due to the reach of the flash.

  2. That’s what I thought too. lol!
    Anyway, CNY round the corner, plenty of time to experiment with the flash. 🙂

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