Samsung Omnia Experience


It all started with my sis asking, why did I let go my Onmia? This is not a WM hate entry. I have been through several WM devices, and I love my prior fully. Compaq IPAQ, O2 mini, now Samsung Omnia.


The Omnia is a splendid device. Except it does not suit my purpose and usage.


Is always easier to start with criticism, afterall, is my own personal experience with the Omnia.


My negative experience with Omnia.


  1. Big screen that does not display items in full glory.
  2. Text entry that causes heart attack frustrations.
  3. Batt that goes flat faster than you can say ‘Hello?’ if u are connected on data
  4. Device super hot on 3.5 and 3G data network
  5. Charger location that forbids one from using the device with ease whenattached.
  6. When charging cannot listen to radio, coz only 1 Hole, 1 purpose at a time.
  7. Insensitive screen touchscreen
  8. LED flash lights that blinds.
  9. Java Midlet that only runs 1 proggy at a time. Not concurrent. Cannot background task specific to the midlet. Needs focus for execution.
  10. Power on and off button major lag
  11. Need a pin to reset.
  12. Every file save need to prompt for where u wanna save sir? Default pls!!!
  13. Soft Volume
  14. Plastic. Yesh, read plastic bottle.
  15. cannot be read under sunlight
  16. Pain to type out long messages like this blog entry.
  17. No wordpress client
  18. Java midlet fonts are either tooo big or tooo small. Wtf!
  19. Contact list entry loads real slow.
  20. Cache memory does not clear by itself
  21. U need a 3rd party proggy to manuall perform that task.
  22. Mail check is full of effort, lets talk about mail now.
  23. Click send recieve to get new mails.
  24. Mail auto sends
  25. Internet content in mail does not load.
  26. Picture not loaded.
  27. Any loading need to flag, send recieve button before it loads.
  28. Manual mail checking (Nokia Symbian is auto when connected.)
  29. Hard to type out mails.
  30. Adding contacts to email needs many menu entries.
  31. Many SIP (keyboards) that only slow device down.
  32. Keyboards that blocks the screen, pops up all the time.

To be fair, Nokia Crashed on me here when I typed to the 42nd entry, UNSAVED!!

Now I need to recall what I typed, coz it’s mixed up now, what’s noted and what’s not.



  1. IE and Opera. I recall typing about IE being able to send the URL Link directly, while Opera can’t do so directly. In Opera we need to save as a bookmark email the bookmark. Or of cause use Copy and Paste.
  2. The memory card need to remove the battery to access physically. Why????
  3. Data network does not auto disconnect when the apps are closed or done using them.
  4. Opera tries very hard to be an iPhone Safari Browser (was it?) with its touch interface, but fails badly.
  5. The charging port has a flap that covers the hole. But that piece of flap looks like it is going to break, snap off anytime.
  6. If you lock your phone, (not the pin lock, but the touch screen button lock), will hard time unlocking under sunlight condition, As the screen is not viewable at all.
  7. No Chinese text entry by default as usual from WM.
  8. The right scroll bat hard to press. (I found out it works well if you scroll by aiming off the screen. Meaning to the right of the scroll bar, OFF the screen, it works better).
  9. Multiple soft keyboard entries to get the job done. Why not JUST ONE??
    (And I really need multiple keyboard to get certain typing done)
  10. Passwords… darn.
    Because of the keyboard insensitivity, and the passwords appears as **** as you type, you get a lot of passwords error.
    (why **** ?? worried someone may peek?? It’s just me and me alone at the toilet bowl!)
  11. MSN. A built in MSN Messenger that cannot be used for messaging. Just because the text entry sucks.
  12. The email fails on me all the time until I do a reboot.
  13. Reboot take forever (we know how often WM devices needs to reboot).
  14. Contact search name is terribly slow coupled with the terrible text entry.
  15. Color Depth of photos is terrible in Omnia (Hardware limitation)
  16. Menus, tons of menus to navigate to get to a specific option.
  17. Odd Screen Resolution (240×400) causes many application unable to function.
    (Skyfire, and some others I forgot since I was not able to install).
  18. Java Midlet is crap on Samsung Omnia. (Even O2 Mini is better)
  19. The earpiece is a dust collector.


My Positive Experiences with the Omnia

  1. Big screen
  2. Big font system wide
  3. Font enlargement when reading emails and messages
  4. Threaded SMS
  5. No hard buttons to get your finger hurting
  6. The navpad is as smooth as iphone (but be prepare to stroke many times to scroll a lot. What I did was rub it on my jeans in a single direction to simulate a long scroll effect).
  7. Tons of built in software (of which rarely used)
  8. Have a 3rd party software that converts the Omnia into a wifi router
    (But kills its own wifi, requiring a hard reset)
  9. Haptic Feedback is good
    (But the constant haptic feedback is battery draining. I disabled it. As good as none.)
  10. Good Camera when compared among Camera Phone Range.
    (Samples here:
  11. Powerful flash to get some pretty good indoor shots
    (Do not point at eyes. Blinds.)
  12. Tons of SIP entry to choose from.
    (Why so many when one good SIP should suffice?)
  13. Wallpaper is fun on Omnia. You can select and crop the selected portion to be used.
  14. Touch screen (Bad in Omnia case)
  15. Full Bluetooth support and A2DP.
  16. HUGE STORAGE! 16GB + External Memory card. (16+8=24GB?)
  17. Can be used with BT keyboard.
    (I use the Stowaway, but not full functionalities)
  18. Voice calls are clear.


Sorry, but I can only recall of 18 Good experiences.

Do feel free to add on!




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One Response to “Samsung Omnia Experience”

  1. Opera Mini Constantly out of memory.
    UCWEB browser crashes due to memory.

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