Nikon SB600

While am no expert in the Camera field, much of the informations are gathered from various websites, reviews, comments from fellow users.

DSLR was something I just recently came into. Prior I was using either PNS cams or HP Cams.

Quickly, I realised the built-in Nikon D80 just could perform indoor, especially in a Dim environment. Thus triggered my search and readup on flashes.

Posted prior here
Why I’d get the SB-600.
– coz ppl says it’s good.
– coz ppl says it’s practical
– coz I read it can work with D80
– coz I read it can work as remote flash with D80 as the commander.
– coz is cheaper than SB800, SB900
– coz is lighter
– coz I read it’s got better LCD display
– coz I read u dun need 800, 900 unless u are pro photographer
– coz I read 600 works well with 800, 900 as a remote flash
– coz I read it uses AA batts.
– coz it is still in Production, unlike 800 which has ceased.
– coz says its good.

@@@@ Pages I read on SB600 @@@@







This entire article is produced from Nokia e71, and editted from home thereafter.
As usual, pics and screenshots taken while am reading on mobile while am on the move.

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