Nikon SB600, SB800, and SB900 speedlight

Nikon SB600, SB800, and SB900 speedlight.

My heart yearns for SB800 for all the goodness it has produced by many of the photo enthusiasts since its 2004 inception. It has a pretty good review at

SB600 is highly recommended by many hobbyist for its light weight and versatility.

SB900 is a monster, and says its well known for melting batteries and it has no battery indicators, so it will give up on you anytime suddenly.

I Am lost between SB800 and SB900 is because SB900 is the latest speedlight from Nikon to replace the discontinued SB800.
However, not all new things can be better, old things are sometimes better than the new.

SB600 is tempting as it is super lightweight as describe by Ken at
Suitable for many occasions, IF you are not a wedding photographer, etc. lol!

So after some quick thoughts while I was penning (rather, typing this down), the choice is really down to
1. SB600 which is IN Production
2. SB800 which is OUT of Production.

Average Pricing Factor observed in the market were:
SB600 – $380
SB800 – $480 (Very rare now as it is no longer in Production)
SB900 – $590

If I go for SB800, I cannot tell if it is a genuine set or a “Grey Set”.
Of course I can have a packaged checklist contents as the initial check if it is complete.
The warranty card.
Then again, am not convinced to go for the 800 or the 900.

If I go for SB600, it can be re-used as a remote speedlight device even if I choose to upgrade, or get another bigger speedlight.
Or sell away as used set. And because SB600 is waaaaay cheaper, I can use the balance of the budget to get an Ipod Touch to carry my photos along to view as well! Share with my boys, my wife, cousins, friends, buddies, strangers, …. etc. hahahaha!!

SB600 it shall be.

Was not that hard to make a decision was it?

Additional Resources: www.john316photo.comTop3, Mid6
Shop unit #05-46, Funan Digitalife Mall
109 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179097
Tel: +65 63372877
Fax: +65 63371897

++++ SB800 ++++







++++ SB600 ++++


All the photos here are either screenshot or saved from various sites while I was reading about them on my Nokia e71 devices. They are not mine.


~ by ymsim on 2009/01/20.

5 Responses to “Nikon SB600, SB800, and SB900 speedlight”

  1. Visionary
    Sb600 380
    sb800 480
    SB900 590

    Sb600 380
    sb800 xxx
    SB900 640

    DerTtck SLS
    SB 600 $365
    SB 800 $550
    SB 900 $636

  2. Dear Sirs,
    I own a Nikon D300 camera and a SB 900 flash. I mostlty use aperture priority, however, when I want to use the flash using the iTTL program I’m unable to set a shutter synchronization speed higher than 1/60 S. I have tried to by-pass this limitation using the higher FP synchronization speed from the camera’s menu which I set to 1/250s and clique OK,but the selected FP speed doesn’t appear in the camera’s LCD panel. I’d like to know how to circumvent this llimitation which I believe is a severe handicap in trying to use the camera’s potential creatively.
    Looking foward to hear from you as soon as is possibel, I thank you and remain,
    yours faithfully,
    Allan de Sousa

  3. Hi Allan,
    I have no experience with SB900. Perhaps if you post your question at forum, there are many enthusiasts there may be able to respond to your query.

    Cheers! Ben

  4. in response to Allan de Sousa. Put your camera to manual control and you can set both shutter speed and aperture. The flash will make sure you have enough light (given it has enough power)

  5. PR, thanks for the tips! Will surely try them out. 🙂

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