Samuel and Ducktour

Samuel had been thinking and wanting to go for the ducktour ever since he saw it back in 2007? or 2008?

Well, he finally got what he had been dreaming for. A very excited Samuelm with Papa and Mama, taking the 1st Ride on the Saturday at 10am of 10 Jan 2009.

A very excited Samuel and Mummy! Samuel’s pose sure looked liked Pocoyo, a
children cartoon character.

Woot! Awesome Big Mirror on the ROAD!


Samuel and his Duck Tour Map.

No Restroom. 45 min ride. Hold it.

This Duck goes into water..

And onto Land…

Very enjoyable ride with scenic views! It’s well worth it as you get to see the view of the

  1. Marina Barrage
  2. Upcoming Integrated Resort (Read Casino)
  3. View of the Singapore Flyer from the River
  4. Many other scenes of Singapore from the River Perspective

Samuel and his good pal, Ducky.

The size of wheel, in comparison to little Samuel.

A happy family photo wrap up. =)

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~ by ymsim on 2009/01/16.

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  2. ha ha! yes they do. I wonder how did it get started.

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