An old friend

Blackberry, emails, messaging. All means to stay connected to love ones, and other folks.

I came to work early this morning, and made use of my Nokia e71 built in email and started emailing many of my folks asking “How are you?”

Praise God one of my old time friend Adrian Tan, now in HK, responded. Not only did he responded, he is inviting me to his wedding in SG as well!

21 Feb 2009. Definately a day to note.

Is kindda weird, my goose pimples are all standing, but yet, it is standing because of great joy.

Adrian, my old time friend, remembered him as far back as I could. Church Classes during Primary, Secondary, tertiary, Church Camps, Church everything till we went our ways and seemed to have lost touch with each other.

Thank God he brought us both together during 2008 SG F1 race, he was jogging (a usual the fit Adrian, recalled he got the best PT award during BMT), and I just met him outside the Suntec Convention Center, facing the Nicoll Highway.

We exchange emails, and voila! Since then till this fateful morning, we spoke again.

Wonderful indeed.

~ by ymsim on 2009/01/13.

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